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Recognition Technologies Installed AvtoUragan Video Recording Systems in Izhevsk

Thirteen of the most dangerous intersections of Udmurtia capital city were equipped with AvtoUragan complexes of automatic video recording of traffic violations.

The first complex was installed last December. Now, one year later, the 13th intersection was finally equipped. During this time, video surveillance complexes have improved the situation in the most problematic intersections of Izhevsk. All AvtoUragan systems identify vehicles by their license plates without radar. Most of these complexes carry out the photo- and video-recording of red light violations in automatic 24-hour mode; eight of them measure speed of vehicles using the video. All installation works, connecting and configuring of AvtoUragan complexes was carried out by specialists of Korda Group. It is important to note that implementation of AvtoUragan video recording complexes in Izhevsk decreased the number of accidents in 2013 by 9%, while the number of casualties was decreased by 40%. While reducing the number of accidents, the budget of the republic received funds from fines for the sum of 187 million rubles ($ 5,5 million). Experts estimate that these complexes will be repaid within the next year, while the budget of the republic will receive funds amounting to about 400 million rubles ($ 12 million). The resulting positive experience of using the AvtoUragan video cameras let to the decision of its use in other cities of Udmurtia. Therefore, the republican program “Improving road safety for 2014-2016 years” plans to allocate the part of the funds for the purchase and installation of traffic video surveillance systems in Glazov, Sarapul, and Votkinsk, depending on the applications of municipal authorities. There are also plans to use patrol cars equipped with ParkRight mobile complex on the roads of Izhevsk, that systems record the parking in the prohibited areas. About Recognition Technologies: Recognition Technologies is the leading Russian developer of automatic identification systems of vehicle registration plates. The main product of the company is AvtoUragan, hardware-software complex (HSC), which is recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient solutions in its class. Due to its unique characteristics, AvtoUragan HSC is widely used to control the traffic on highways and intersections throughout Russia, in all climatic zones. Among the customers of Recognition Technologies are services and departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, state agencies, and system integrators. Numerous foreign partners of Recognition Technologies actively use video monitoring solutions based on AvtoUragan HSC. Recognition Technologies LLC http://parkright.ru/ru/index.html 24 Elektrozavodskaya str., Moscow, 107023 +7 495 785-15-36; +7 499 502-2811 info@recognize.ru Sergey Kusov

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