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ParkNet: New Control Parking System Website is Launched

The launched website covers the information on the visual confirmation complex for traffic violations, related to the parking in the city.

Recognition Technologies, the leading developer of photo-video traffic control systems, announces the launch of the website of the new photofixation complex for traffic violations — ParkNet.su. The visitors of ParkNet.su can get all the relevant information about the ParkNet complex, which was designed for visual confirmation of parked vehicles. This system will be mainly used on the city streets, where parking inspectors will control the paid parking lots and identify the vehicles in places with a prohibited parking. The complex is a unique development; the similar systems did not exist in Russia before. The big cities needed the ParkNet system for a long time. Careless drivers, whose parked cars interfere other drivers and pedestrians, are almost everywhere. It is not a secret, that there are a number of traffic violations, which are charged extremely rare. For this reason, many car owners feel a sense of impunity, and behave very selfishly and irresponsibly. Now the ParkNet complex will help inspectors to identify the prohibited parking at the following locations: cars at public transport stops or less than 15 m from them; at pedestrian crossing; at sidewalks, unless it is permitted by sign; at parking lots for disabled persons; at parking lots for fire trucks; at playgrounds; at lawns. сайт ParkNet.su In the future, the new system will be operated together with ParkRight mobile systems groups, which are already deployed on the territory of Moscow, it controls the single parking space zone. Besides, the tendency to cover the state registration plates by various means will be stopped and punished. Thus, the ParkNet will become an effective tool for the parking police, which is necessary for the Russian cities. Learn more about the ParkNet features and options on the new Recognition Technologies website — ParkNet.su About Recognition Technologies: Recognition Technologies is the leading Russian developer of automatic identification systems of vehicle registration plates. The main product of the company is AvtoUragan, hardware-software complex (HSC), which is recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient solutions in its class. Due to its unique characteristics AvtoUragan HSC is widely used to control the traffic on highways and intersections throughout Russia, in all climatic zones. Among the customers of Recognition Technologies are services and departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, state agencies, system integrators. Video monitoring solutions based on AvtoUragan HSC are actively used by numerous foreign partners of Recognition Technologies. Recognition Technologies LLC http://www.recognize.ru/ 24 Elektrozavodskaya str., Moscow, 107023 +7 495 785-15-36; +7 499 502-2811 info@recognize.ru Sergey Kusov

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